Welcome to JS Video Services. Our video transfer and photo scanning services help you to digitally preserve your memories before the fragile media they're stored on deteriorates any further. Our Photo Editing service will help you turn a good photo into a great photo. Our DVD Slideshow service allows you to transform your favorite photos into an animated slideshow, set to your favorite music. This is a great way to celebrate special milestones in the lives of your loved ones. 

Video Transfers

Your dusty old videotapes have a limited lifespan. Every year that passes allows those tapes to lose more and more of their original quality. Chances are you don't even have the camcorder or VCR you need to play these tapes, making it impossible to even view them anymore. Don't wait for your priceless videos and photos to deteriorate any further.Have them transferred to DVD today.

Photo Scanning

If your house was on fire, what is the one thing that you would take with you as your family runs for safety? Most people would take their photo albums. Yet most of us ignore these precious photos, and leave them to deteriorate year after year. 

Have your photos scanned, and you will have a digital copy that never fades, and can easily be shared with family and friends. You can also make extra copies any time you like, so you will never lose those priceless photos.

DVD Slideshows

Commemorate that special milestone in someone’s life with a DVD slideshow set to your favourite music. Your photos and video will be professionally combined with music that fits the occasion. Your DVD slideshow will be a treasure for you and your family and friends to enjoy at your special event, and will be a great keepsake afterwards.

Photo Editing

Everyone has those priceless photos from that special event, but something is not quite right... Maybe your hair was a mess, or you had a stain on your shirt, or the lighting was terrible. Maybe you're a bit self conscious about that double-chin, or you'd like to shave off 10 pounds. Maybe uncle Bob was standing behind you making a goofy face. You love Uncle Bob, but he just doesn't belong in this shot... We can fix all of this and more to make the photographic evidence align with your great memories of that event. Just let us know what you'd like done, and we'll take care of it.